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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  March 1, 2013 8:00pm-10:00pm PST

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why. >> i'm lester holt and this is "dateline." here's josh mankiewicz with "along came jodi." ♪ ♪ oh, holy night, the stars are brightly shining ♪ >> a beautiful woman singing a beautiful song. about sin and salvation. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> at one time she said she woulded to dedicate her life to god. she met a man who wanted to live without sin and she believed he alone held all of the salvation she needed. this story is about sin, about god, about love, about truth, and about lies. it doesn't lead to happily ever after. not even close.
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>> something terrible must have happened. it was horrible. i thought she would have reached out before all of this happened. ♪ ♪ >> it's the story of jodi arias and travis alexander and how they were drawn to one another. >> jodi just has a glow to her. >> patty was jodi's childhood friend. >> people were very drawn to jodi, not only because she was beautiful, i mean, because she's a great -- she's a great girl. >> jodi grew up in small towns in california, landing in yreka in high school where her family owned a diner. when it came to men, patty thought jodi often chose wrong. >> as beautiful as jodi is, she always went for -- it seemed like she lowered her standards for some reason. >> with guys. >> yeah. i don't know why. >> after high school jodi drifted up and down the
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california coast, in and out of waitress jobs. in 2006 she joined a company called pre-paid legal which sells insurance to cover legal costs and at the annual convention she met the man who would change her life, travis alexander. travis' friend dave hall was there. >> you see sparks fly at that point? >> i saw it on travis' face. >> this was all first-impression. >> he probably figured, game on. >> mr. travis alexander! >> at 29, travis was already a heavy hitter with the company and a big personality. >> did you think she was impressed with sort of who travis was? >> think she was a little bit swept off her feet. >> travis had grown up poor, one of seven children of parents who had serious addiction issues. eventually he moved in with his grandmother and discovered the church of latter-day saints.
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friend and fellow mormon david said it fueled his desire to achieve. >> that was the theme he lived on. everything from your background doesn't have to define your future. >> with his humble beginnings behind him, travis used his money to enjoy life. >> mr. travis alexander is back with us. >> travis was cool, attractive, even magnetic. a guy people wanted to be friends with and travis alexander very much enjoyed being friends with them especially if they were women. >> it's well reported that travis was a flirt and he loved the game of dating. it was almost like a sport to him. >> and men who like women really tended to like jodi arias, sexy, curvy, smolderring. >> he used the words he was twitterpated and was very into
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the idea of her. >> very quickly jodi and travis were going places in every sense. they bought a book, "1,000 places to see before you die" and because she was living in california and he was in arizona they regularly met up in one of those great places. the balloon fiesta in albuquerque, the red rocks of sedona, even the lovers' destination of niagara falls. >> as far as i can remember she either had a wind-up camera, a disposable camera or the professional camera. she was always snapping pictures, loved pictures. >> the result was that much of their life together was captured digitally, and as it turns out photographs would document not just the start of this relationship, but also the end of it. ♪ ♪ >> that part of the story comes later. back in 2006 their romance was new and exciting, usually a time
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when couples can't keep their hands off each other, but travis was mormon. >> i don't want to make mormons sound like prudes, but everyone who is a real true to the faith mormon does take a vow or in their hearts, at least, to be chaste in their pre-marital relationship. >> and travis was no different. >> yeah. travis was no different. i mean, he definitely believed in the faith and really wanted to strive to keep true to his vows. >> and then along came jodi. >> and then along came jodi. >> and what was important to travis was therefore important to her. >> she said she was dabbling in mormonism and that was a term i thought was interesting. >> abe met jodi arias through pre-paid legal. >> i said dabbling? what do you mean? i said who's the person. >> perhaps a ruthless jodi was searching for a path. this seemed to involve more man
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than god. jodi's decision to convert took less than six weeks. she posted this photo of the day she became a mormon. dave hall recalls being a little skeptical. >> in your opinion, was jodi interested in the church for its own sake or was this another way to sort of snare travis? >> in the bible we read that by their fruits you shall know them. based on the fruits that jodi has brought forward, i don't think being a member of our church was ever something she truly wanted to do. >> but now jodi and travis were both mormon. they were expected to abide by the church's very strict rules on dating and all of that chemistry would prove combustible. a formula for drama and a lot more. >> the red-hot romance between jodi arias and travis alexander was about to take a turn and no one could have predicted where it would lead except perhaps
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♪ jodi arias joined the mormon church to get closer to travis alexander, the man she decided seemed to be having a great time, but then just shy of his 30th birthday in june 2007 travis told jodi it's over. >> 30 is a huge thing in the mormon singles world. >> shana hogan is writing a book about travis and jodi. she stresses dating in the mormon church is structured around congregations or warsed. >> once you turn 31 you get kicked out into the singles ward and you go into the adult wards where he's no longer with these cute, 20-year-old mormon girls and it lessens his chance of finding a woman. >> for travis turning 30 meant he needed to find a mormon wife quickly. the breakup with jodi may have been a funk ction of that.
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>> suggest he was about to get serious and she was not part of that. >> she was never a girl he was going to get serious with. she was someone to keep his bed warm until he found a nice mormon girl. >> it turned out despite her religious conversion and their vows of chastity, jodi and travis were having sex. no matter the hypocrisy woven into the equation, that jodi wasn't the one to take as his wife because she represented the sin he was trying to avoid. he shared that with his friend tailor. >> jodi represented the decision going after someone he was physically attracted to, whereas other girls represented settling down and having a stereo typical mormon relationship and he always struggled with the fork in the road of should i date jodi or should i date these other girls? >> and so it was over or was it? right after the break-up jodi
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moved to mesa, arizona, where travis lived. she waited tables and tried modeling and travis told friends jodi was refusing to let go. >> travis confided in us she snoops through my emails. she snoops through my house. she checks up on me constantly. i'm going out on a date with a different girl and she's following me. all of a sudden his tires were slashed in the middle of the night. he thinks jodi did it. we didn't have any evidence that jodi was doing it. >> but you believed that she did? >> my gut feeling is that absolutely. >> all of that is a reason to never see that person again, never talk to that person again, certainly not sleep with that person again. >> you would think so. >> you would. >> and yet travis did all of that. something he didn't tell his friends. travis and jodi officially history were still secretly an item.
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>> i think she viewed it as you're my ticket to a wonderful husband, a rock star lifestyle, a nice house, nice cars, and i'm not going to let it get away that easy. >> and that manifested itself how? >> she knew the one thing that travis liked, and she could give it to him. >> publicly, travis was still on the hunt for ms. right, dating women from church. still telling friends jodi was not a lover, but a stalker. >> at one point i asked him if he was afraid. >> and he said no. >> he would joke about it. he would joke about, you know, if i ever show up dead you know why, but there's no way he was serious. >> whatever was going on between travis and jodi, in april of 2008 it came to an abrupt stop. jodi seemed to have had enough. she moved back to her hometown of yreka, california, putting more than 1,000 miles between the two of them.
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>> he was happy to see her finally go. >> and he was so excited about some of the new girls that he was meeting and turning over a new leaf. >> travis met with his church bishop to begin his process of repenting for his time of jodi arias and all of the sins he'd committed and he started planning a chaste trip to cancun with the new girl he met and jodi seemed to be turning over a new leaf. on june 5th, she showed up in salt lake city on the arm of another guy from pre-paid legal named ryan burns. >> how did she seem? >> quiet. shy. >> this was normal jodi. >> normal jodi and my first impression was travis dumped you, kicked you to the curb, so what do you do? you run to the next up and coming star in our company and you try to start dating him. >> but if jodi seemed normal, something about travis did not.
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>> i had been trying to get in touch with travis and he hadn't returned any of my texts or my phone calls for a few days. >> that was unusual? >> that was so unusual because he's such a social butterfly that he would be back in touch with you within seconds. at that point i began to worry a little bit wondering, okay. he's been off the grid for a while. >> june 9th, the day before travis was supposed to head to cancun a worried taylor was he d headed to travis' house to make sure he was okay. his friends got there first. >> i'm on the phone with one of the friends and they go open the door and find blood everywhere. >> oh, my god. >> 911 emergency. >> what's going on? >> a friend of ours is dead in his bedroom and there's lots of blood. >> the mesa p.d. found a crime scene reminiscent of the movie psycho.
8:17 pm
>> they walked to the shower and inside they find this crumpled body and travis is lying on his back. his legs are tossed over him. his arms behind his head and he has been brutally murdered and obviously dead for a long time. >> this wasn't something quick. this was a prolonged, violent attack. >> this was brutal. this was savage. this was painful and this was not a kind, gentle way to die. coming up, detectives find pictures of jodi arias that are revealing in more ways than one. >> that's you. that's you. all of you. >> is there a connection between those steamy photos and the death of travis alexander? when "dateline" continues. does more for you, so you can do more. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ june 9, 2008. travis alexander's bachelor pad was now a crime scene. an autopsy revealed travis had been stabbed 27 times. his throat was slit from ear to ear and he'd been shot in the face. by the state of travis' body police knew he'd been killed days before.
8:22 pm
by the cuts on his hands, detectives believe travis had his hands up and was trying to defend himself. stains on the wall and floor led them to believe travis was killed outside the bathroom. >> whoever killed him brought him back into the shower? >> it appears like someone flooded the ground and was able to use that water to drag him back, stuff him in the shower and then wash off the floor, threw the towels and dirty things in the washing machine. >> they took time to clean up afterward. >> they definitely took time to clean up. >> the clean up was far from thorough. investigators found blood and hair from someone else and a bloody handprint on the wall and didn't find the gun or knife, but along with all of the towels they found something in the washing machine that would turn out to be very significant. a camera. >> when police first examined the camera, were there photographs on it? >> there were normal photographs of travis going about his business, taking photos of himself on the bike.
8:23 pm
>> police realized some photos were missing and images had been deleted. had the killer destroyed evidence of travis' murder or could the water-logged camera somehow unlock that mystery? it would take time to find out. what took somewhat less time was the speed at which travis' friends arrived at a suspect. >> and the first thing i did when i got there and police got there was showed them a picture of jodi and i said you need to find out where she's at. >> she was in yreka, california. detectives went there to interview her. >> i have to ask you some questions and you can voluntarily answer them if you want. >> jodi is amazingly calm and poised for a woman with no
8:24 pm
criminal record who is suddenly facing a homicide detective. watch as the detective hones in on where she was during the time travis alexander was killed when jodi went to see her new beau in salt lake city. >> jodi told a story of a meandering road trip in which she got lost and slept in her car, what should have taken 11 hours took nearly 48. >> i looked at a map and i'm pretty sure i know where i went. can i draw it out? 3 f2
8:25 pm
hecho otra cosa. >> jodi doesn't miss a beat in this back and forth. her friend abe says her composure is no coincidence. he says that what jodi is doing is straight from the pre-paid legal handbook where it explains the art of the interview. >> she got good at communicating. she got good at making her point and, you know, speaking succinctly and she does a lot of nodding like she's trying to close you. >> maybe jodi arias was trying to close this deal, but she was facing a seasoned homicide detective who knew a few things, too.
8:26 pm
by now he had the forensic report. the hair, the blood, and even the bloody handprint all came from jodi arias. did that news crack jodi's composure? it did not. >> she had spent a lot of time at travis' house, she explained, leaving hair behind. she'd cut her hand on a broken glass once and that explains the blood, but the detective wasn't finished. this photographer was about to be undone by her own photographs. >> it turns out the computer forensic team at mesa p.d. was able to restore the deleted images. those pictures would play a critical role in the case. they proved to be revealing in all ways. they showed jodi and travis
8:27 pm
clearly intimate, naked and each, apparently photographed by the other. >> april? the photos were date stamped june 4th, the day before jodi showed up in salt lake city. the day travis stopped returning phone calls, and there were more recovered photos. travis in his shower. he seems to be posing for the camera. >> i know you took pictures of him in the shower just before he died. >> i don't think he would allow that. >> and here is where jodi arias
8:28 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ for weeks after travis alexander's murder police were done figuring out what had been deleted from the camera found in his washing machine. they recovered photos of travis having sex with jodi arias. photos of travis modeling in the shower and then they found this, it was dark, upside down and hard to make out, but once they flipped it and enhanced it, the photo was a digital smoking gun. >> taken june 4, 2008, at 5:32 p.m. the photo shows a wounded travis alexander.
8:33 pm
that's him in the background. that's his shoulder. that's his blood and in the foreground is a woman's pant leg. 3 f2 estaba. de su casa. y ella dice. >> but police believe that's exactly what she'd done and they arrested jodi arias for murder.
8:34 pm
the next day she had a new wardrobe courtesy of the local lockup and a new story about travis' murder. >> jodi told the detective he was right. she had detoured to mesa on her way to utah to see travis. she had taken pictures on june 4th in his bed and his shower. all that was true except she was not the one who killed travis alexander. he was killed said jodi now by two masked intruders in a home invasion. jodi said she was just a witness.
8:35 pm
>> jodi described a scene of mayhem. >> and i was just going through pictures and i heard this loud ring. travis was screaming. i think i got knocked out, but i don't think i was out long. >> travis was hurt right away. >> i remember putting my hand on his back as he was on all fours and he looked -- like this or something like -- i don't know, and i said are you okay? what's going on? what's going on? he said go get help and i said okay, and i couldn't leave without him. he said i can't. >> the killers debated about whether or not to kill her, too.
8:36 pm
>> but then she said the killers let her go. >> then you just left? you didn't run to the neighbors? you didn't try calling? you knew they were in his house. why didn't you do that? >> i was really scared. really freaked out of of my mind. >> okay. >> the detective was, to say the very least, skeptical.
8:37 pm
>> but in jail it was jodi who looked oddly happy as she posed for her mug shot. there she waited for trial. she did not wait in silence. >> who killed him? did you kill him? >> absolutely not. no. i would never harm him. >> she kept telling the story of the masked intruders to anyone who would listen. >> there's a lot of evidence that's very compelling. none of it proves that i committed a murder. none of it. there's a reason for all of that and the reason will be made known very soon. >> on the tv show "inside edition" jodi even went so far as to say it was just a matter of time before she was freed. >> no jury is going to convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent and you can mark my words on that one. no jury will convict me.
8:38 pm
>> while locked up, jodi became friends with another inmate donovan mering. donov donovan's advice, stop talking. >> when this first happened. she was doing all those interviews. she was acting, in my opinion, a little cocky and i kept telling her. jodi, this is going to come back and get you. >> jodi did stop talking. she started singing. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and took first place in a jailhouse singing contest, but just after christmas 2012, four and a half years after the murder jodi faced a contest with much higher stakes. >> let's bring in the jury. >> remember, she first told police she wasn't even there when travis was murdered. >> i was not at travis' house. >> then she told police she was there. >> travis was screaming. >> travis was killed by masked intruders. >> take a seat, please.
8:39 pm
>> now on trial for her life, jodi arias had a whole new story. >> coming up -- >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> jodi's new defense as she takes the stand and almost doesn't get off. and later on "dateline," another courtroom drama. >> he broke down completely sobbing, struggling to breathe. >> the oscar pistorius case. new revelations.
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♪ ♪ >> more than four years after travis alexander was butchered in his own home, jodi arias charged with his murder got a chance to tell her side of the story. her latest side, that is. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> why? >> um, the simple answer is that he attacked me.
8:44 pm
>> jodi's new defense was self-defense. she claimed that the charming travis, outwardly a devout mormon was secretly a sexual deviant and an abuser and that she, jodi, was a longtime victim who finally snapped when he attacked her. her lawyer says the photos that seemed so damning didn't tell the whole story of what they described of travis' physical assault on story and her split-second decision to fight back. >> you can see the foot in the front with his head and his shoulder and blood clearly on his shoulders. in just those two minutes jodi had to make a choice. she would either live or she would die. >> she was her own star witness and she wouldn't give up the spotlight. >> bombshell tonight. an unbelievable moment in court. >> jodi arias admitting to the savage murder. >> all of it covered
8:45 pm
breathlessly on cable tv and online. in a marathon of testimony, jodi arias laid out her life and her relationships in excruciating detail, explaining how what happened with travis began with how her parents had mistreated her. >> i think that was the first year my dad started using a belt, and -- my mom began to carry a wooden spoon in her purse. >> her family heard it all and told "dateline" they couldn't comment. jodi outlined for the jury the slaps, whippings and beatings. >> he would just push me really hard and i would go flying into that -- one time i hit a door post. >> at this time that you were getting these beatings from your dad, did you love him as well? >> yes, of course. >> she said the parental abuse eventually pushed her out the door and into the lives and beds
8:46 pm
of men who cheated on her, sponged off her, used her and the last in a long line of those men, she said, was travis alexander. >> i show up. we hang out. we have sex and he's not really there presently. he's not mentally present. i'm getting a lot of attention, but only while we're engaging in sexual activity. >> jodi described a travis very different from the one his friends knew. the jury heard a recording jodi made, she says, at travis' request of a steamy phone call. >> you're bad. you make me feel so dirty. >> she and travis didn't stop there. >> did you and travis ever videotape yourself while having sex? >> yes. >> and whose desire was for that to take place? >> i did.
8:47 pm
>> she said travis had a loose interpretation of their shared vow of chastity. >> we, um, had sex and there were just different ways to have sex and it seemed like travis was just -- i don't know how to put it, but it seemed like he sort of had the bill clinton version. >> remember that photo taken the day of her baptism as a mormon? jodi says that immediately afterward travis took her home for sex. >> i felt like a used piece of toilet paper. i don't know. i didn't -- i didn't continue feeling that way just shortly thereafter for a little while i did. >> that was early in their relationship, jodi says, but that didn't discourage her. she kept coming back to him even after she says the disrespect turned to physical abuse. >> he called me a -- and kicked me in the ribs. >> she went as far of accusing travis of being a pedophile even though there's no evidence at
8:48 pm
all to support that and she says that when she encouraged him to get help he got angry. >> he kicked me again and i put my hands out. >> what happened after that? >> i screamed really loud. i think i yelled out my finger or my hand or something to that effect. >> jodi showed the jury what she claimed was a lasting injury of travis' rage. she told them it wasn't the only time he'd been violent, but she testified the day she really feared for her life the day travis died. she had paid him a late-night visit, she said, but after a day of sex play after they took nude photos of each other. after she took photos of travis in the shower there's a picture of what looks like the camera falling. she says travis' brand new camera slipped out of her hands. >> so what happens after you dropped the camera?
8:49 pm
>> he was screaming that i was a stupid idiot, and he body slammed me again on the tile. >> jodi says she ran into the closet, remembering that travis kept a gun on a shelf. >> i grabbed the gun. i ran out of the closet. he was chasing me. >> the gun, she says, went off by mistake. she says that travis, even with a bullet in his head wouldn't stop. >> it just went off and he lunged at me and he fell and i got up and he was screaming, angry, and after i broke away from him he -- he said [ bleep ] you, bitch. >> but what happened next? jodi who remembered everything about their life and their relationship and every sex act couldn't remember what she did. >> do you remember stabbing travis alexander? >> i have no memory of stabbing him. >> do you remember dragging him across the floor? >> no. >> do you remember placing him
8:50 pm
in the shower? >> she claims she didn't remember stabbing travis 27 times or cutting his throat, but she did remember one thing. she was afraid she would die. >> it was like mortal terror. it was like he -- i pissed him off the worst i'd ever seen him pissed off. >> a moment of rage she couldn't even remember. a desperate act of self-defense or a regrettable mistake? all of that was jodi's story, the latest version. the prosecutor was about to tell a very different one. coming up -- a story of love and death. >> she rewarded that love by sticking a knife in his chest when "dateline" continues. your . but don't worry, he'll find someone else.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jodi arias had told multiple versions of what happened between her and travis alexan r alexander.
8:55 pm
>> she was in love with him. >> prosecutor juan martinez acknowledged this was a love story that went off the rails. >> she rewarded that love by sticking a knife in his chest. >> in her latest version jodi said it was self-defense, but this was premeditated murder, martinez said because jodi had planned not only how she'd do it, but how she'd get away with it. may 28, nine days before travis died. a gun was stolen from jodi's grandparents house. it was a .25 caliber, the same caliber as the one used on travis. june 2nd, two days before the killing, jodi rented a car. did she not want her own recognizable car showing up back in mesa? on the drive from yreka she left a very visible trail of cell phone cards and credit card receipts for food, coffee and gas. then that trail vanishes. jodi said martinez turned off her cell after she left california and when she showed
8:56 pm
up in arizona her formerly platinum hair was brown and after travis was dead, martinez said, jodi turned her phone back on and left him a friendly voicemail. >> heather and i are going to see othello on july 1st and we would love for you to accompany us. >> as he attacked both joed ir's credibility and her multiple versions of what happened that voicemail was just one more piece of ammunition. >> you knew that mr. alexander was dead? >> it's hard to explain. >> ma'am, what is hard to explain about a person breathing or not breathing? what is so difficult? why is that a difficult concept for you? >> because i've never killed anyone before. >> jodi said she didn't even know there had been a gun in her grandparent's home. sometimes she said she uses credit cards, sometimes cash and
8:57 pm
that phone battery, it just went dead and she said travis didn't break up with her. she broke up with him. critical to the prosecution was proving that jodi did kill travis out of fear. jodi had told the juryhat travis had broken her finger in one of his rages in march 2008. >> show us how bent it is again, ma'am. higher so we can see it sideways. >> in a law and order moment. >> take a look at exhibit 413. >> the prosecutor brought out a photo of jodi with her sister taken after she said the injury occurred. >> ma'am, this was also taken according to your testimony on may 15th. let's take a look at that of 2008. that's a picture of your left hand, isn't it? >> yes. >> you don't have a bent finger here in exhibit 453, do you? >> my finger is bent there. >> you're saying your finger is bent there? >> yes. >> it was a direct shot at jodi's credibility and her
8:58 pm
latest story of prolonged abuse. martinez then went after her sometimes convenient memory lapses and in turn, jodi went after him. >> you say that you have memory problem, but it depends on the circumstance, right? >> that's right. >> and give me the factors. i don't want to know about a specific circumstance. what factors influence your having a memory problem. >> usually when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me or someone like travis doing the same. >> he also asked jodi about the first lie she told investigators. >> i wasn't there. >> when she said she wasn't at travis' home the day he was killed. >> and the reason you told the detectives this lie was because you didn't want to be charged in this case, did you? >> that's not the reason. >> she lied, jodi now says, to
8:59 pm
protect travis' reputation from all of the allegations about him true or not true since her arrest. most of them coming from jodi herself. >> you were being a good samaritan, right? in lying. >> i wouldn't say that. >> well, you were saying that you didn't want the stuff to come out about mr. alexander and your relationship with him, right? >> that's right. >> well, do you think that that's an excuse that -- to not tell the truth that you wanted to hide information? >> no. >> you lied to a lot of people, right? >> everyone. >> and so you were thinking more of yourself when you made this statement to this detective, right? >> i'm not sure about that. >> well, other than you, who would be sure about your statement? >> god. >> well, god's not here. we can't subpoena him, right?
9:00 pm
>> i don't think so. >> two months into the trial after a week of scorching cross-examination jodi arias finally lost it. >> ma'am, were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> how about when you cut his throat? were you crying then? >> i don't know. >> soon, expert witnesses for both sides will offer their interpretations of her actions and the jury will decide whether jodi is a murderer or a victim. if she still sometimes appears confident of walking free, she isn't, claims her friend donovan who says she and jodi speak every day after court. >> she recognizes that the evidence against her is significant. >> yes. >> does jodi believe she'll be acquitted. >> i have to honestly say no. we have prepared ourselves for
9:01 pm
her going to prison. it's just a matter of how long she'll be in prison. >> if she's convicted of first-degree murder the jury will then have to decide if jodi arias will live or die. >> what do you think should happen to her? >> i don't have a problem with the death penalty at all i wouldn't be disappointed if she gets that, but that's not what she needs to worry about. the judge she sits in front of in maricopa county is not the judge she needs to worry about. it's the next judge she's going to meet. the trial of jodi arias is expected to last a few more weeks. to keep up with the latest, you can also visit our website at now our second headline-making mystery, a worldwide icon charged with murder. >> nothing's going to bring reeva back. it's something i haven't wrapped my mind around.
9:02 pm
>> by the, celebrity and then it turned deadly. >> on valentine's day morning he shoots his girlfriend. what do you do with that? >> tonight, fa amly and friends take you inside the oscar pistorius case. new information. >> i saw a man who was coiled, never at rest. >> new revelations. >> oscar -- >> what really happened that night? >> oscar pistorius isn't just fighting for his career. he's fighting for the rest of his life. >> keith morrison reports on "life and death in the fast lane." ♪ ♪ ♪ it was very dark in south africa the night of february 13, 2013. the moon was a narrow sliver as it drifted over a wealthy, gated community near pretoria. inside, oscar pistorius watched his girlfriend do yoga, the new love of his amazing life, reeva steenkamp. did they make love? did they sleep peacefully?
9:03 pm
did they stay up and scream at each other as lovers sometimes do? it was in the blackest part of the night when it happened, when he fired his gun and as the sun came up over south africa the story spread at the speed of light that the beautiful reeva was dead and life as he knew it was over for one of the most famous men in the world. >> he has been charged with murder. >> the exceptional young man on the blades, the hero, the adored icon in the space of a moment as infamous as o.j. ♪ ♪ >> but who is he? and why, oh, why did he kill her? ♪ >> here in south africa, the answers we found, the disturbing histories we've uncovered may change your thinking of the man they call the blade runner. where to begin? how about his apparently hopeless beginning?
9:04 pm
a double amputee who learned to overcome and discovered it doesn't take legs to run, to win and to reach the biggest stage of all, the olympic games, london 2012. >> the land breaking moment for the olympic games as the double amputee oscar pistorius sets on his way. >> it was historic, that moment. a man with prosthetic legs racing proudly against the best in the world never happened before. oscar pistorius made history and won hearts worldwide. ♪ >> back home in south africa, he was huge, rivalling mandela, a red carpet star, virtually royalty as south african radio personality told us. >> he was already dining with royalty and world leaders. he stayed in the best hotels and wherever he wanted to go in the world he did.
9:05 pm
>> catnip for tv bookers worldwide, a huge hit on "the tonight show." congratulations on the olympics. >> that was pretty amazing. >> thank you. >> and most of all, he told nbc's mary carrillo on "rock center" last june, he wanted to do it all right and keep it that way especially for the people who helped him get to the top. >> i really don't want to mess up the last six years, really, that i've put together and they've been not only my sacrifices, but a lot of people that have invested time and money into me and it would aren't be fair on anyone if i, you know, lived a reckless lifestyle. ♪ ♪ >> money poured in, of course, lots of it. plenty of rich endorsement deals and with all that cash came a new crowd, wanna bes, and the eccentrics. like, for example, the famously irreplaceable kenny who calls him a mining consultant, club owner, entertainment czar, sushi king.
9:06 pm
sushi king? and all-around inspirational guy. this deodorant commercial nails his image pretty well. >> i'm kenny and my life is pretty good. >> oh, and by the way, kenny did time in prison caught running a ponzi scheme. >> i was a gangster. >> i was a gangster. people don't usually say that. >> look, if you're honest, you need to say that. >> kenny loved oscar and loved showing him off to a whole new cast of characters, not all who had oscar's best interests at heart. >> is that world at all dangerous for a newbie to become involved in? are there sharks out there? >> yes. everywhere there are sharks. >> and oscar, it seemed, loved swimming with them. still an inspirational public figure, modest, sweet and still the sort of guy who had introduced himself to a kid down
9:07 pm
the street, brendan. >> what was he like? >> very nice personality, outgoing. talking about god. >> really? a spiritual guy? >> yes. very. ♪ ♪ >> of course, even a sainthead can be turned by all that attention and oscar never claimed to be a saint. the journalist spent several days with osca are profiling him for "the new york times" magazine, a look at the blade runn runner's public and private side. >> i think oscar loved being oscar. he loved the money. he liked the fame. >> so humble, sincere, sure, but also -- >> the man of danger. the man of expensive toys. the man of physical daring. >> and visitors like mary carrillo discovered how much he loved danger. the adrenaline rush of living on the edge. >> yeah, in reckless ways, i think. he needed speed. he could create it with his own
9:08 pm
prosthetics and he wanted it to be a big part of his life. >> oscar's past times had everything to do with speed, the dirt bikes, the car, the speed boat. >> oscar had a very close call, driving that speed boat back in 2009 when he slammed it into a pier. >> i broke a couple of bones in my face and i had just over 170 stitches in my face and they had to reconstruct my cheek, and i cut my forehead and broke nigh jaw and broke my nose, but that actual incident made me look at my life and at the risks i was taking. >> so he said, but he continued to race around town and local speedways he and his rich new friends rented for the purpose in one powerful sports car after another. his latest acquisition, a brand new mclaren, very fast, very expensive. speed, daring, danger. oscar seemed to have an
9:09 pm
insatiable need to prove himself. >> he had vulnerabilities that he must have lived with all of the time. whether he could dismiss them or get over them, the fact is that's who he was. >> oscar liked guns, too. owned a 9 millimeter pistol. this is it on his nightstand. he like a lot of south africans was very concerned about his personal safety given the high crime rate here. guns and high security are part of the culture, but oscar seemed to love the image of wielding a weapon. posted this picture on twitter. he was even featured in a nike ad, i am the bullet in the chamber. >> i think he really wanted to be a guy's guy, you know? >> uh-huh. >> and show that he could have everything he wanted. >> as 2012 the best year of young oscar's life was coming to an end, he landed one more prize. the gorgeous and talented reeva steenkamp. two beautiful people walking to
9:10 pm
their doom. coming up -- >> i'm oscar's date tonight. >> who was this woman who captured so many hearts? >> she was outspoken. she wasn't a shy little girl. she gave her opinion and she had one. fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. just use the ingredients everyone loves... ground turkey, ragu, and elbow macaroni. this is really good. it's called ragu chili mac. thanks for making it for me. [ female announcer ] ragú. everyone's favorite.
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9:13 pm
when south africans woke up on valentine's day to the news that their oscar was charged with murder, it was for many here, a double shock. true, oscar pistorius was a hugely famous man, but in this country, at least, so was the victim. every new blond on oscar's arm got attention, but this one in november last fall was already famous. the stunning 29-year-old model named reeva steenkamp. ♪ ♪ >> hi. i'm oscar's date tonight. he needed a date at the last minute, he said throw your stuff together and come and be my date. >> she was magnetic. you were just drawn to her. i was drawn to her.
9:14 pm
>> her longtime friend. >> that's for sure. >> how reeva steenkamp stepped into the spotlight here may say more about her intelligence and drive than about her beauty. >> reeva was the type of person who did reach for the stars and landed among the them, that's for sure. >> it's a theme we heard again and again as we talked to reeva's friends and family around south africa. reeva had always pushed herself to succeed, from the time she was a girl growing up in the working class town of port elizabeth. >> she was always keen, keen to go ahead. >> her uncle mike remembers reeva as a spirited young girl riding horses to the limit. >> she was doing a bit of championing a horse side and shied away from something she fell backward and fell on to her back on to her neck and that's how she broke it. >> a broken back that took months to heal, but reeva was
9:15 pm
determined to walk out of the hospital on her own. >> to reeva it was always literally, you fall off the horse, but how fast you get back on it. >> soon, reeva was out of physical rehab and in front of the cameras. >> you guys are going to see -- >> an aspiring model deadset on one day making it in the big city. and she found an ally in magazine editor engler. >> she was entering these little model competitions and the face of the future, whatever. >> at first, she didn't make it, said engler. wasn't chosen. >> and she stuck with it and that also is what set her apart, you know? she didn't come once and didn't make it and said i tried. >> she wanted it. >> she did. that's real ambition. >> with help from engler, reeva land the cover of men's magazine
9:16 pm
"fhm" in 2011 and that sparked high-profile appearance and she decided she needed a publicist and hired magola. >> she was a happy soul. happy and smart. very smart. >> she was outspoken, you know? she wasn't a shy little girl. she gave her opinion and she had one. >> in fact, during her modeling years reeva put herself through college and got her law degree. the career for after. >> her dream was to become one of -- she wanted to become an actress. >> two reevas. the gorgeous, bikini model who displayed herself to the world and the surprisingly modest 29-year-old who lived with her friend gina's family in one very modest bedroom and talked about wanting to use her growing celebrity to make a difference. >> she wanted to do something to help people and to get to have a
9:17 pm
voice and she was going to do that this year. this was a very big year for her. >> why use her voice? reeva was determined to help end violence against women. as friends gina and darren told us it was a subject she knew firsthand. >> she had spoken about having a previously abusive relationship. >> she would never stand for anything like that again. she was -- if she said something once you could bet your bottom dollar on it that that was how it was going to be. >> it didn't look like that would be an issue, though, when she settled into a long-term relationship with this guy. warren la hood, the one her friends called the nice guy in her life. >> how long did you go out together? >> four and a half years. >> it was sometimes tough said warren to watch so many males buzzing around his beautiful girlfriend, but he was proud of her, too. >> for months i was fine with it. >> but by last summer said warren, reeva had grown away
9:18 pm
from him and when she told him good-bye he accepted it. >> it wasn't a bad break up, but it was probably a painful break up. >> which breakup isn't if you're in love with somebody, you know? >> before long, reeva was keeping company with a national heartthrob rugby star named francois. they were a big item, reeva and francois, late summer and fall and it was also a time when she hit a career-boosting jackpot, a coveted spot on a south african reality show set in jamaica. >> my name is reeva, and i'm a model and we are in jamaica this year. be jealous. you can be jealous. >> it's not for nothing that in 2012 reeva was named one of the 100 sexiest women in the world and then in mid-november, here she was with south africa's sexiest celebrity. not bad. >> they were all amazing. they looked incredibly lovy
9:19 pm
dovy. >> terry lee said she knew what was going on. >> he was in love with reeva. >> he was proud of taking her to events and showing her to the world to south africa and to his friends. >> let's see what's behind door number one. >> reeva kept shooting the reality show scheduled to air mid-february. even as she maintained her campaign to stop violence against women. >> as valentine's day approached, reeva tweeted a message to urge her friends to protest by wearing black on the 14th. here she is valentine's eve, smiling through the gate at osc oscar's estate on her way to her death. >> coming up -- >> do you have a daughter? and i said yes. and they said -- he said, reeva? what had happened in the house that night? a horrible accident or something else? >> police are saying they have a witness and she heard an argument an hour before.
9:20 pm
>> when "dateline" continues. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! that's 50% off lenses it's the lenscrafters semi annual sale. including bifocals, no lines even sunglasses made with your prescription. so hurry in 50% off lenses won't last forever.
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9:23 pm
♪ it wasn't supposed to work out that way. oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp had made plans to spend valentine's eve apart.
9:24 pm
they changed their minds. reeva decided to stay over. the night was mid-summer warm. the sliding door to the balcony was open to let in the breeze. there were ladders in the backyard, but oscar's guard dogs were there, too. what happened here in the ours between midnight and 3:00 a.m. is the mystery, of course, but we do know something. >> some time after 3:00 a.m. oscar walked into his bathroom and fired shots from his .9 millimeter pistol through the locked door into the toilet. three of the bullets hit reeva, one on the head. oscar knocked down the door with his cricket bat. by the time he picked up reeva and carried her down the stairs help had arrived, but it was too late. reeva died in his arms. her mother june got a call later that morning. the man on the other end said he was with the police. >> he said do you have a daughter, and i said yes.
9:25 pm
and he said -- he said, reeva? i said yes. he said there's been an accident and she's been shot, and i sa said -- he said she's dead. >> an accident. south africa's beloved blade runner was arrested and subjected to a perp walk and charged with premeditated murder. a tsunami of shock washed over south africa. in a country with no death penalty oscar pistorius was facing life in prison and the prosecution that seemed very, very confident. spokesman. >> you think it is a winnable case? >> it is a winnable case. >> a winnable case for premeditated murder. >> oscar's fame, said the prosecution, wouldn't win him any favors, of course. >> in south africa whether
9:26 pm
you're an icon, you'll be treated like anyone. >> but how could a nation believe its hero had intentionally killed his girlfriend? he must have thought it was an intruder. which is exactly what oscar said. within days of his arrest, under south african law, oscar appeared at a bail hearing. the first chance for the world to hear the state's story and his. time for a magistrate to decide whether oscar should wait in prison awaiting trial or wait at home on bail. >> this is a very conflicted narrative. >> karen is a veteran crime reporter on south african tv. >> you want to believe him. you really, really, really, really want to believe him. >> here's oscar's version from a sworn statement read in court. he'd gone to the balcony to get a fan when he heard someone in the bathroom. startled, he grabbed the pistol from under his bed. he said he was feeling especially vulnerable because he
9:27 pm
was not wearing his prosthetic legs. then in the pitch dark of the valentine's morning she screamed to the intruder to get out and he passed down the hall to the bathroom and opened fire. all of the while, he insisted, he was sure reeva was still in bed. here in the prisoner's dark, oscar looked every inch the tragic figure, literally trembling while friend, family and journalists crowded around him and the prosecution prepared to pounce. >> the magistrate looked at him and he said to him, you need to calm down, mr. pistorius. it's okay. you need to calm down. >> prosecutors challenged oscar's valentine's day story and said it simply warrant believable. why? >> for one thing, oscar must have known reeva wasn't in the bed, he had to reach right under where she was sleeping to get his gun and if he screamed at what he thought was an intruder, wouldn't reeva have called out to say she was behind the bathroom door? >> and a third point, oscar's
9:28 pm
claim that he hobbeled toward the bathroom and fired without putting on his leg his to be a lie because, said the chief investigator the trajectory of the bullets was downward. and he found testosterone in the house and cell phones in the bathroom as though reeva had been texting or calling someone for help and perhaps most damning of all the lead detective said, he spoke to oscar's neighbors who heard what sound like a woman screaming before the shots were fired. >> the vision that's been put forward by the state said that there was some type of alter kagdz. the police is saying they had a witness, a female neighbor who said she heard an argument between a male and a female an hour before. >> and it was well established, said the state, that oscar had displayed a tendency for aggression and violent outbursts, claimed it was nothing new for him. early on valentine's morning said the prosecution, a young man with an anger problem blew
9:29 pm
up, shot reeva in cold blood and now was lying about it. >> if he is to be believed he just opened fire on a tiny, little confined space that you couldn't move. that sounds like murder. >> outside the courthouse it appeared many had rushed to a judgement. no, they chanted oscar should not get bail. even a state minister appeared to argue oscar deserved life in prison, but even as they chanted, a shock was in store. the case against oscar was about to implode. courtesy of the very chief detective who made the case against him. >> coming up, oscar pistorius in private. >> he was clearly more vulnerable than most men. >> was he afraid for his life? >> he seemed to be on a hair trigger.
9:30 pm
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9:33 pm
♪ ♪ this is the main courthouse in south africa's capital pretoria, the barely contained chaos outside is reminiscent of o.j. with a distinctly african twist. and inside the packed courtroom
9:34 pm
an epic meltdown, fallen hero oscar pistorius. >> he broke down completely. he was overcome, sobbing, struggling to breathe. he was inches away from me. >> was he really the bereaved boyfriend or were they the crocodile tears of a murderer. >> i don't think i've ever witnessed it before ever in my entire 18 years of covering crime, such obvious signs of distress. >> and they seemed to be absolutely genuine as far as you could tell. >> it seemed to be genuine or otherwise, it was, it remains to be seen. oscar pistorius isn't just fighting for his career. he's fighting for the rest of his life. >> and looked like he was losing until, while spectators looked on in astonishment one of the leading attorneys went to work with a vengeance and the chief investigator withered under the assault that testosterone he claimed he found was a harmless
9:35 pm
herbal supplement. his claim that bullet trajectory which showed oscar was wearing his legs when he fired, the detective was forced to admit that that was nothing more than his guess and the neighbor who appeared to hear screaming followed by gun fire. the witness was 600 meter away. and then said, maybe it was 300 and then that he really wasn't sure. >> he looked stupid. they looked really, really stupid. >> how stupid? the detective confessed he walked all over the crime scene, contaminated it and didn't even notice a bullet that was later recovered in the bathroom. >> he was eaten alive, and i think whichever way you slice that cake it was massively embarrassing. >> the detective had to admit reeva might simply have gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night. tests showed her bladder was empty and oscar hearing the noise thought it was an intru r intruder. the prosecution's star witness was forced to admit he could
9:36 pm
find no inconsistences of oscar's version of what happened. it was based on the idea that he had to be constantly afraid for his own safety. was he really afraid? in fact, we discovered plenty of evidence that he was. >> i understand that he felt like he needed to be able to protect himself. he was clearly most vulnerable than most men. you're in bed, you don't have legs. >> security is a way of life in much of south africa. a visitor's attention is drawn immediately to the miles and miles of thick, high walls. the electrified razor wire that surrounds homes and neighborhoods everywhere here. oscar was especially careful. bought his house in a guarded and fortified development near pretoria. >> everybody knows about gated communities, of course, but this one is called a security village in there somewhere is oscar's house. behind the high wall and the 220-volt wire that is strung up across the top which would give
9:37 pm
you a heck of a shock if you touched it, but on this side of a wall in case you're an intruder thinking of coming inside is a place called farm inn, it's a wild animal place and you're apt to run into a cheetah or lion if you're an intruder. >> journalist oscar sakolov. >> oscar seemed without fear in the physical world and in his own home he seemed to have a great deal of fear. >> despite all of the security in and around his property said sakolov oscar was still edgy. >> one day when i was with him we came back to the house and he said, by the way, was there a noise in the house last night, and i thought it was an intruder and i came downstairs with my gun. >> another time oscar tweeted nothing like getting home to hear the washing machine on and thinking it's an intruder to go into full combat recon mode into the pantry.
9:38 pm
he told friends he kept his.9 millimeter as close as possible. and oscar applied for licenses for six more guns. >> i saw a man who was coiled. a man who was never at rest. you know, his body or his mind. he seemed to be on a hair trigger. >> now here in court, oscar was the picture of remorse and after his attorneys exposed all of that police bungling, the magistrate's decision was not a surprise. bail granted, a million rand, the equivalent of $113,000 or so and oscar is free pending trial, but has the state blown its case against this young hero? oh, no. not at all. coming up, danger. >> you get these wifts of a darker side. >> oscar just started swinging at him and going off at him.
9:39 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ here's oscar pistorius, still fast. still leaving the paparazzi in the dust as he fled his bail hearing. >> go on! go on! go! go!
9:43 pm
go! >> and immediately went into seclusion. cameras haven't caught a glimpse of him since. his family released a statement that oscar continues to grieve and remains in deep mourning for the loss of his partner reeva. and the investigation continues. detectives are now poring over oscar's past, searching for patterns of jealousy, rage, violence and talking to people who knew him just as we did. >> so you'd get these wisps of this darker side. >> it was quite compelling. >> talk show host david o'sullivan who like most people had known oscar as a sweet and humble athlete said that he was taken aback when he interviewed the roommate at the paralympics. >> i said what is it like rooming with him and he said terrible. he's always yelling. >> and i beingn't believe it because he was quite accommodating. >> to you?
9:44 pm
>> to me. >> people used the word reckless about him. for example, remember the speed boat incident in 2009, the one that smashed up his face. he brought it up to mary carrillo. >> couldn't eat normal food and i was really down about not being able to train. >> in fact, there were widespread whispers of south africa about what really happened that day in the water. >> liquor bottles were found onboard the sunken vessel. >> there was a story that he or another person may have been inebriated. >> after a brief investigation, the matter was dropped. >> so there has been this sort of persistent history of these incidents. >> and just this year oscar's actions may have put other people at risk. >> most recently in january he handled a loaded gun in a table at a restaurant and he accidentally shoots it. what is problematic for him is on the version of the witnesses he then asks his friend to take the fall for him saying i'm a
9:45 pm
well-known person. the media will be all over this. this is what the state is arguing. everyone keeps making excuses for him, and now a woman is dead. >> police have now reportedly gone back to that restaurant taking evidence photos. and they're also talking to people in oscar's life who saw flashes of anger firsthand. some involving women. >> in 2009 oscar was arrested for allegedly assaulting a young woman at a party at his house, allegedly slammed the door in her face. he spent the night in jail, but he wasn't charged and the case wasn't pursued. >> at the time of the assault charge oscar said it was all a misunderstanding. >> it was a bit of a mass confusion and it ended up turning completely sour and the next morning i had to spend the night in jail which was the last thing i had to do. >> one of the potential witnesses who may have to testify about oscar's behavior is mark bachelor. >> your first impression is
9:46 pm
oscar is a nice guy and sometimes it's too overplayed. >> he sat down exclusively with "dateline" and told us about a strange incident just after he returned from the olympics. >> he has so much energy. i can't keep up with him. >> 2012. >> great weather, great people. >> oscar appeared on a tv show taped on location with his girlfriend of almost two years and, no, that is not reeva. that's a woman named samantha taylor. >> she's just very caring and -- >> you're both blushing. >> my face is the color of her dress. >> the what the public didn't know is this loving relationship was coming apart and the sparks that breakup caused blew up in mark bachelor's face. >> oscar was so controlling. so jealous. >> it happened the month after the reality tv episode aired said bachelor in october 2012 when oscar heard that samantha had been asked out by a
9:47 pm
mega-rich reality show producer named quentin van derberg. >> and he started going off on him. >> what about? >> telling him that he was with his girlfriend or his ex-girlfriend and he should have known about it and that he's a [ bleep ]. he's a [ bleep ] and he's a [ bleep ] this and my girlfriend while i'm running for my country. quentin said it was pterrifying. oscar threat end to break his legs and he filed a lawsuit and asked tough guy mark to talk to demand an apology. he said i will break your [ bleep ] legs and i know people and i know this. ♪ ♪ >> samantha taylor later told a south african newspaper oscar is certainly not what people think he is. she said she was prepared to reveal what pistorius made me go through, but then her lawyer retracted her statement and if prosecutors were looking for a
9:48 pm
pattern, oscar, women and guns, was there this which samantha's mother posted on facebook after reeva's death. i am so glad that sammy is safe and sound and out of the clutches of that man. there were a few occasions when things could have gone wrong with her and his gun during the time they dated. as for reeva, late that summer and fall she had been seeing south african rugby heartthrob francois hugard and at south africa's glitzy sports award ceremony, she suddenly turned up with oscar. >> oscar is a very sexy boy and he doesn't do it in an arrogant, obnoxious way. he's a gentleman. >> oscar and reeva were in love and very public about it, but the private oscar, according to police and some who have known him, before reeva he displayed jealousy, occasionally rage and now police have been trying to determine if reeva was in touch with francois or anyone else when she died. as she certainly was for warren
9:49 pm
two days before valentine's day. though it was just a friendly chat said warren, no intent to make anyone jealous. >> if somebody did get rough with her, would she resist? >> yeah. she'd want to remove herself completely from where she was. she'd want to leave. >> the police reported they found two cell phones in the bathroom near the place reeva was shot. will their contents reveal as the prosecution believes that reeva was hiding from oscar calling someone late at night perhaps for help or that it was oscar who used the phones desperate to save her? a crucial question though as you'll hear, there's another question, a big one and it doesn't bode well for oscar. >> coming up. >> if there's an intruder in the bathroom and you think i ought to kill that guy. >> already, that is an intent to kill.
9:50 pm
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9:54 pm
>> back home in port elizabeth, in front of the world's prying eyes reeva steenkamp's friends and family wept and laid her to rest. >> we are here today as a family, and there's only one thing missing. reeva. >> there was a public memorial of sorts, too. a video tribute from her reality show, tropica island. her family wanted reeva remembered as a vibrant young woman who made the world a better place. >> i think the way that you got -- is so important. it even made an impact in a positive way or a negative way. ♪
9:55 pm
♪ >> oscar held his own memorial service for reeva this week, he and his family. no cameras, though. he made no further comment since his statement in court and asked that his privacy be respected. oscar is living with an uncle now on the outskirts of pretoria and that's where he was a couple of days after his release when he and everyone else had learned his brother had been charged with a culpable death of a woman in a traffic accident. all of this coming after six months after the triumph at the olympics. he can't go home now. his high-security estate is a potential crime scene, still under investigation and so is his past, his character, his whole life, really. >> the life he led, the way that he appeared to other people, the inspiration that he brought to other people, that person doesn't exist anymore.
9:56 pm
>> his luke rat of endorsement deals are drying up and nike suspended his contract and so did the french designer. he'll probably never drive his brand new mclaren, but there are far greater losses. the inspiration, the trust, the belief millions had in his goodness, humility, his commitment. he was so determined just before his meteoric rise. so determined to do it right. >> if you do something do to properly and even if you don't do it, it's better than looking back and regretting. >> many of his countrymen and fans remain loyal, still believing and hoping it will somehow turn out all right. >> there is no way. the oscar that i know, there is no way he can be a murderer. i looked at the photograph that was taken of him with his hands up in tears in court, and i said i've seen him in that position before and oscar looked up at
9:57 pm
the screen and he did exactly the same thing and he had a weep about it. he should not be weeping because he's fighting for his life. he should be weeping because he's broken another world record to the acclaim of millions. instead, a single south african judge will decide whether oscar pistorius committed premeditated murder. even if the judge decides he did not intend to kill reef a he could be on the hook for murder as the prosecution's spokesman told us. >> if there is an intruder in the bathroom. >> you intended it. >> once you say i'll have to kill that guy, already there is an intent to kill. >> and you can spend 15 to 25 years. >> even for a burglar? >> even for a burglar. any person. >> as the broken hero trembled in the prisoner's dark, it was the magistrate who presented the issues that could no longer be hidden or avoided.
9:58 pm
tendances of aggression, said the magistrate tp did something happen to spark jealousy, insecurity, an explosive temper? the answer will come in court eventually, for reeva's parents, for everybody. >> it's only after reeva -- >> we'll know what happened. >> and all i want with it, without him, is that he comes out with the honest truth. >> though no answer will bring back that remarkable woman he displayed like a trophy on his arm. >> she was in a position. she was reeva steenkamp. she was dynamic. she was loyal. she was beautiful. she stood for so much and so much more than oscar pistorius' girlfriend. ♪ ♪
9:59 pm
that's all for this edition of "dateline" friday. join us again for "dateline" sunday this week at 8:00, 7:00 central. i'm lester holt. thank you for watching. "rock center" with brian williams starts now. w. ladies and gentlemen, this is the national broadcasting company. tonight on "rock center," these ski jumpers becoming airborne are women taking the same risks as men. so why were women banned from competing in the olympics? kate snow hits the slopes with a daredevil fighting for fairness and her olympic dream. >> you put women into a very extreme sport that had only been male, what does that do to the sport? >> so women might actually do as well or better than some of the guys. >> yeah. >> also tonight, it's been almost 18 years now since the oklahoma city tragedy and some victims struggle with ling